Date of birth
Robert Umholtz Taylor received his education at the University of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Yale University School of Drama, where he studied with Donald Oenslager.
Taylor began his career in theatre by designing sets and costumes for numerous university and regional theatres, including the Goodman Theatre, Guthrie Experimental Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
"To me, a designer is the thief of all the arts. He moves like a burglar in the night, ripping off a shape from Henry Moore, or one of those weird little characters from Hieronymus Bosch, or a train from Edward Hopper. Anybody is fair game -- and not just the arts," said Taylor in Theatre Crafts, Jan/Feb, 1977.
In addition to his theatrical work, Taylor has created settings for television commercials and designed both interiors and exteriors for commercial establishments.


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