Portrait of the Artist with the Idol

Maker and role
Artist: Paul Gauguin, French, 1848-1903
ca. 1893
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Oil on canvas
17 1/4 x 12 7/8in (43.8 x 32.7cm)
Credit line
Bequest of Marion Koogler McNay
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Further information
Gauguin described his own face as that "of a savage," and in his many self-portraits, he made no attempt to soften that image. Here his striped shirt and polka-dot tie vividly represent the bohemian who had thrown off his once conventional life as a stockbroker.

While Gauguin's clothes suggest a climate colder than the South Seas, the painting is thought to date from the end of his first trip to Tahiti. During his time there, Gauguin studied ancient Polynesian deities. The figure of an idol that appears behind his left shoulder represents the goddess Hina, a symbol of happiness, calm, and peace.
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Signature & date
Signed u.r.: PGO
Docent information sheet
V:\Object Documentation\Paintings\1950.46 Gauguin\Nemzeti Szalon 1907.pdf
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