Guitar and Wine Glass

Maker and role
Artist: Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1973
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Object detail

Collage and charcoal on board
18 7/8 x 14 3/4in (47.9 x 37.5cm)
Credit line
Bequest of Marion Koogler McNay
Accession number
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Signature & date
Signed verso u.l.: Picasso
Subject period
Docent information sheet
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Art News 1958.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Collecting Texas Phenomenon 1986.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Instant Art History Robinson.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\New York Times 2011.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\TLS 2011.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Burlington Magazine 2013.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Relations au Travail 2014.pdf
V:\Object Documentation\Drawings and Watercolors\1950.112 Picasso\Art History Stark 2018.pdf


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