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Theatre Arts

Artist/Maker Bio Title Accession Number Year Location Select
Sylvestre, Israel Design for Third Day: Disintegration of the Palace and enchantments of the Island of Alcine, represented by a fireworks display from Les Plaisirs de l'Ile Enchantée (Pleasures of the Enchanted Island) TL2004.28.9 1664 Not on view
Pinz, Philipp Gottfried Venus and Minerva in Discord over the Fall of Troy from Il Pomo d'Oro TL2004.24.1 ca. 1700 Not on view
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de Program for Le Missionnaire, produced by Le Theatre Libre TL2005.25 1894 Not on view
Shadow puppet of an Artist Holding a Palette TL2006.2 ca. 1886-1897 Not on view
Mucha, Alphonse Costume design for Creon, King of Corinth, in Médée (Medea) TL2001.98.1 1898 Not on view
Craig, Edward Gordon Scene design for Hamlet greeting the actors (players), Act III, in Hamlet TL1988.1.258 ca. 1909 Not on view
Bakst, Léon Costume design for an Odalisque in Schéhérazade TL1999.2 1911 Not on view
Gontcharova, Natalia Scene design for Act I in Le Coq d'Or (The Golden Cockerel) TL1998.173 1913 Not on view
Benois, Alexandre Scene design for the King's bedroom, Act III, in Le Rossignol (The Nightingale) TL1998.111 1914 Not on view
Bakst, Léon Costume design for Vaslav Nijinsky as Chinese Dancer in Les Orientales TL1998.34 1917 Not on view
Picasso, Pablo Scene design for Pulcinella TL2001.106 ca. 1920 Not on view
Léger, Fernand Costume design for Bird in La Création du Monde (The Creation of the World) TL2001.88.1 ca. 1923 Not on view
Exter, Alexandra Spanish Dancer Marionette 1991.5 1926 Not on view
Jones, Robert Edmond Scene design with steel girders, scene 2, in Skyscrapers TL1999.116.1 ca. 1926 Not on view
Matisse, Henri Costume design for Bleu (Blue) in Rouge et Noir (Red and Black) TL2001.93 1939 Not on view
Mérida, Carlos Scene design for Carmen TL2001.95 ca. 1944 Not on view
Mielziner, Jo Drop design for Bali Ha'i Transformation in South Pacific TL1999.200 1948-1949 Not on view
Moiseiwitsch, Tanya Costume design for Betty Leighton as Queen Elizabeth in Richard III TL2002.176 1953 Not on view
Eckart, Jean Design for Baseball Curtain in Damn Yankees TL1999.66 ca. 1955 Not on view
Smith, Oliver Scene design for Act I, scene 1, in West Side Story TL1999.315 1957 Not on view
Conklin, John Costume design for Mrs. Peachum in The Threepenny Opera TL2002.6.3 1969 Not on view
Lee, Ming Cho Scene design for Two Gentlemen of Verona TL1999.164.1 1971 Not on view
O'Brien, Timothy Maquette for Peter Grimes TL2002.196 ca. 1975 Not on view
Indiana, Robert Design for Model T in The Mother of Us All 1978.11.38 1966 Not on view
Koltai, Ralph Maquette for Die Soldaten (The Soldiers) TL2002.141 1983 Not on view
Straiges, Tony Maquette for Boys' Bathing Unit in Sunday in the Park with George TL1999.321 1984 Not on view
Nevelson, Louise Program design for Orfeo and Euridice TL2001.102.4 1984 Not on view
Wilson, Robert Scene design for Act I, scene 1, in Alceste TL1999.379.2 1986 Not on view
Malina, Jaroslav Maquette for Rigoletto TL2007.15 ca. 2003 Not on view
Robbins, Carrie Costume designs for Street People in Mass 2012.72 ca. 1990 Not on view
Tazewell, Paul Costume design for Celie in The Color Purple 2011.21.1 2005 Not on view
Barnes, Gregg Costume design for Drowsy's Snake Coat in The Drowsy Chaperone 2011.252.9 ca. 2006 Not on view