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European Art

Artist/Maker Bio Title Accession Number Year Location Select
El Greco Head of Christ 1950.56 ca. 1579-ca. 1586 On view/Oppenheimer Gallery 2
Barye, Antoine-Louis Theseus Fighting the Minotaur 1964.1 1846-1847 On view/Hamon Gallery 4
Sisley, Alfred The Route from Saint-Germain to Marly 1955.2 1872 Not on view
Carrier-Belleuse, Albert-Ernest Portrait Bust of Madame A. Mayen 2004.13 ca. 1878 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
Manet, Édouard Liserons et Capucines (Convolvulus and Nasturtiums) 1982.66 1881 On view/Mays Gallery
Pissarro, Camille Haymakers Resting 1950.115 1891 On view/Zilker Gallery
Rodin, Auguste Jean de Fiennes from the Burghers of Calais 1963.1.1 late 1890s On view/Halff Gallery
Gauguin, Paul Portrait of the Artist with the Idol 1950.46 ca. 1893 On view/Zoch Gallery
Cézanne, Paul Houses on the Hill 1950.23 1900-1906 On view/Large Lang Gallery
Picasso, Pablo Woman with a Plumed Hat 1950.113 1901 On view/Zoch Gallery
Gauguin, Paul Sister of Charity 1950.47 1902 On view/Oppenheimer Gallery 2
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig Portrait of Hans Frisch 1963.2 ca. 1907 On view/Zoch Gallery
Münter, Gabriele Still Life, Red 1999.1 1909 On view/Dining Room Gallery
Gleizes, Albert Portrait of Madame H. M. Barzun 2013.4 1911 Not on view
Vuillard, Édouard The Art Dealers (The Bernheim-Jeune Brothers) 1987.5 1912 Not on view
Modigliani, Amedeo Girl with Blue Eyes 1950.99 1918 On view/Zoch Gallery
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste Lemons and Tea Cup, Cagnes 2010.1 1912 On view/Dining Room Gallery
Soutine, Chaim The Cellist (Portrait of M. Serevitsch) 1950.142 ca. 1916 Not on view
Dufy, Raoul Golfe Juan 1950.38 1927 On view/Large Lang Gallery
Chagall, Marc Dream Village 1950.24 1929 On view/Dining Room Gallery
Maillol, Aristide La Nymphe 1975.17 1930 Not on view
Picasso, Pablo Femme Couchée (Reclining Woman) 2011.181 1932 On view/Hamon Gallery 2
Braque, Georges Glass, Two Apples 1950.19 1935 On view/Dining Room Gallery
Matisse, Henri The Red Blouse 1950.98 1936 On view/Zoch Gallery
Léger, Fernand The Orange Vase 1972.43 1946 On view/Dining Room Gallery
Moore, Henry Mother and Child in a Ladderback Chair 1975.68 1952 On view/Oppenheimer Gallery 3
Dubuffet, Jean Bestower of Blessings 1975.28 1954 Not on view
Hepworth, Barbara Winged Figure II 1973.32 1957 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery