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Prints and Drawings

Artist/Maker Bio Title Accession Number Year Location Select
Manet, Édouard Les Courses (The Races) 1985.17 1865 Not on view
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de Aristide Bruant aux Ambassadeurs 1975.97 1892 Not on view
Vuillard, Édouard La Patisserie from Paysages et Intérieurs 2014.24 1899 Not on view
Heckel, Erich Portrait of a Man 1962.7 1919 Not on view
Homer, Winslow Eight Bells 1977.8 1887 Not on view
Cassatt, Mary In the Omnibus 1978.22 ca. 1891 Not on view
Bellows, George A Stag at Sharkey's 1982.49 1917 Not on view
Hopper, Edward The Henry Ford 1985.10 1923 Not on view
Siqueiros, David Alfaro Portrait of William Spratling, Taxco 1962.10 1939 Not on view
Rivera, Diego Los Frutos de la Tierra (The Fruits of Labor) 1998.16 1932 Not on view
Méndez, Leopoldo Posada en su Taller (Posada in his Workshop) 1998.2 1953 Not on view
Ruscha, Ed Standard Station 1976.17 1966 Not on view
Judd, Donald Untitled 2017.120 1961-1978 Not on view
Thiebaud, Wayne Bird 2010.115 1979 Not on view
Johns, Jasper Ventriloquist 1985.4 1985 Not on view
Warhol, Andy Sheet from Camouflage 2003.9.2 1987 Not on view
LeWitt, Sol Bands of Lines in Four Directions, Square 1994.197 1993 Not on view
Gober, Robert Untitled (Fresh Pigs) 2017.102 1993-1994 Not on view
Whiteread, Rachel Squashed 2013.18 2010 Not on view
Bendolph, Mary Lee Put Together 2015.23 2014 Not on view
Gauguin, Paul Eve 1950.45 1889 Not on view
van Gogh, Vincent Women Crossing the Fields 1950.49 1890 On view/Zilker Gallery
Picasso, Pablo Guitar and Wine Glass 1950.112 1912 Not on view
O'Keeffe, Georgia Evening Star No. V 1989.36 1917 Not on view
Demuth, Charles From the Kitchen Garden 1950.33 1925 Not on view
Torr, Helen White Feather 2015.168 1930 Not on view
Diller, Burgoyne Untitled (Third Theme) 2007.58 ca. 1945 Not on view
Twombly, Cy Untitled 1991.9 1971 On view/Frost Gallery 3
Hockney, David Looking at Pictures on a Screen 2005.8 1977 Not on view
Trockel, Rosemarie Untitled 2017.223 1989 Not on view
Moskowitz, Robert Flatiron 2008.5 2000 Not on view
Serra, Richard Untitled 2011.195 ca. 2001 Not on view