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Modern and Contemporary Art

Artist/Maker Bio Title Accession Number Year Location Select
Smith, David Stainless Network I 2005.13 1951 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
Mitchell, Joan Hudson River Day Line 1994.7 1955 On view/Large Lang Gallery
Giacometti, Alberto Bust of Annette IV 1975.63 1962 On view/Zoch Gallery
Calder, Alexander Four Winds 2005.3 1963 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
de Kooning, Willem Eddy Farm 2005.4 1964 On view/Small Lang Gallery
Indiana, Robert The Metamorphosis of Norma Jean Mortenson 1999.94 1967 Not on view
Segal, George His Hand on Her Back 1998.11 1975 On view/Small Lang Gallery
Chamberlain, John Sabine Knights 2006.45 1977 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
Rauschenberg, Robert Rush #5 from the Cloister Series 1988.11 1980 Not on view
Abakanowicz, Magdalena Seated Figure on Iron Frame II 2011.183 1990 On view/Hamon Gallery 2
Skoglund, Sandy Gathering Paradise 2006.52 1991 Not on view
Judd, Donald Untitled 2001.8 1988 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
Drew, Leonardo Number 33A 2000.2 1999 On view/SCE Sculpture Gallery
Shimomura, Roger Him-a-Hero 2008.21 2004 On view/Hamon Gallery 4
Bailey, Radcliffe Procession 2011.256 2005 Not on view
Smith, Kiki Woman with Arm Raised 2006.46 2005 On view/Hamon Gallery 2